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Surname List
anna krusche
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Yes Kudos to you   all from me as well. 

There is only one thing that I miss from "MoiKrewni"  and that is a simple list of surnames. 

  1. It was a  very useful research tool  to cross check against other lists or indices.
  2. It was my starting point  for further research.  ( hmmm today I will  work on this surname)
  3. At one point it included the whole tree.  This was more useful than just a list of related or ancestral surnames.  Some choices here would be a good idea. 
  4. I have so many tangents that I don't even know anymore who is in my tree.
  5. My surname list fit on one page, a condensed memory aid  for the whole tree.

Thank you, Anna

anna krusche
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RE: Surname List
Gilad Rozenberg
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Hi Anna,

Thank you for writing to us.

I answered you via e-mail.


Best Regards,

Gilad Rozenberg

MyHeritage.com Team

Gilad Rozenberg
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RE: Surname List [2]
anna krusche
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Hi Gilad,

Thank you for your reply and interest in my question. 

The Dynastree surname list had only surnames, ie Last Names.   In Dynastree it was called "Surnames in My Family." For example in January 2009 it said that I had 764 different last names and 2316 relatives.

For example for the letter E it gave me:

Ehrentraut (1)  Ender (14)    Epping(1)  Epstein (1)  Epsztein (20)   Eysymontt (1).

I believe one could then click on a surname for more details. 

Unfortunately, at one point,  Dynastree began to modify what it meant by  "in my family."   If at all possible I would like the list of surnames to be as complete as possible for the whole tree.  In my case for all 4600 people and one dog, as of July 2011.  

Later of course,  it may be  nice to have  a list of surnames  that summarizes a specific  chart or report as selected from your current  products.  For example one could generate a list of surnames of all the ancesters of a given individual. 

Thank you once again for your concern,










anna krusche
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