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Family tree on Motorola Xoom Android tablet
Hilmy Harun Hashim
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Just some observations. 

I just tried to view my family tree on a Motorola Xoom which has Android 3.0 currently. It opened with the Mordern view by default, but moving the screen was extremely slow and practically unuseable. It doesn't allow me to go to the bottom of the screen so I can select the Classic view. I don't know whether this is due to the version of Flash I have (10.2) or the OS. I am still wating for the 3.1 upgrade.

A workaround to get to the Modern view is to append ?treeMode=immersive to the url. This gives a more useable view although moving the screen up is jaggy and doesn't work most of the time (the bottom row is half hidden). Options->Max doesn't work by the way, even on my Windows 7 notebook running Chrome.

If anybody has Android 3.1, can you confirm that this issue is solved.

Thanks and regards.


Hilmy Harun Hashim
Kuala Lumpur
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RE: Family tree on Motorola Xoom Android tablet
Esther Weinberg
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Hi Hilmy,
Thank you for writing to us.  At this point in time, we do not have a version of the tree that is supported on mobile devices.
Here at MyHeritage, we are working on some very neat stuff in our mobile department for the upcoming year. 
Our first version of the FamilyConnect iphone App, that we have already uncovered, is our very first version. With coming releases we will be improving many aspects of the product. 
Regarding other new products, we naturally cannot uncover anything specific before it is properly announced.
All that we can say for now is to stay tuned...
This year is going to be very exciting :)
Best regards, Esther MyHeritage.com team
Esther Weinberg
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