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Online family site and FTB
Andy Coates
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I am having difficulty in understanding the relationship between FTB (and its published version) and the online family site and can find nothing in the FAQs or Message boards to explain how they interact.

I prefer the look and feel of FTB compared to the online version, but if I want to have other family members to edit and add their own bits to the program then, I read, I have to use the online family site.

However editing this is very hard work and there are no help files to assist one.

If you export the online site and import it into FTB onto your computer the downloaded file has never  the same information as the original.

When you edit this and then upload it again to the family site it creats a new file and does not update the original  (perhaps if it did it would delete all the info. it had missed on the download ( certainly it eliminates all the photos)).

It would be nice to be able to compile and edit the family tree on FTB and then publish it, in exactly the same format, to the family online site.    Is this at all possible?

Can anyone educate me on this.

Thanks in anticipation, Andy Coates       


Andy Coates
United Kingdom
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RE: Online family site and FTB
Lora KoenHemsi
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Hi Andy,

I understand the difficulty you are having in the relation between FTB and the online site. It does get complicated some times!

As you have also figured out once you publish from FTB, you can not work on that tree online any more . You need to export it and import it back and in this process you lose the pictures.

There is actually a way to continue working on FTB and to build the tree with multiple users. You can do this through exporting a package. You can find this feature under File>Manage projects where you will see a list of your trees. Choose your tree and then chose export package.

Once you do this then you can email this package to relatives who you think can help you edit your tree. Make sure you do this one by one so that you do not have many versions of the tree with different information.

When your relatives are done editing (they need FTB also to edit) they can send you the project through export package.

And every once in a while you can publish this tree with the new information. So that other relatives can contact you for new information that they want to add and that you have a back-up of your  tree!

Hope this helps



Lora KoenHemsi
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RE: Online family site and FTB [2]
Екатерина Савенкова
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Hello. How can I import my site FamilyTree into FTB? Because, I have created a tree on a site earlier.

 Thanks in advance,

Savenkova Ekaterina

Екатерина Савенкова
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