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Michael Jackson’s Hair Soon to Become LifeGem Diamond
Steff Sthridge
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From Fateful Pepsi Commercial Soon to Become LifeGem Diamond?? isn't very interesting?? I have read this great article that LifeGemwho is turning Michael Jackson’s hair into diamonds When executive producer Ralph Cohen scooped up the charred hair Michael Jackson lost in the filming of the now-infamous Pepsi commercial, he had no idea that he was saving an important piece of history. Cohen, executive producer for the Pepsi commercial, was among the first to reach Jackson when he was set on fire. Cohen threw his jacket over Jackson’s head to help extinguish the flames. As Jackson was being rushed off the set and to the hospital, Cohen instinctively, picked up the charred lock of hair and put it in his pocket– where it remained undisturbed for 25 years until Jackson’s death last month. Back in 2007 LifeGem collaborated to successfully create diamonds from Beethoven’s hair. They are specialize in creating diamonds from locks of hair. Our plan is to give people an opportunity to own a diamond made from Michael Jackson’s DNA,they are currently evaluating Jackson’s hair sample to determine how many diamonds can be created. This will be a limited collection and they anticipate great interest.
Steff Sthridge
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