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Need Easier Access to Tasks in Custom Report or Better Task Export
Ted Edwins
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It's easy enough to create a task and add it to a person, but when I want to create a list of tasks, Family Tree Builder frustrates me.

1) Custom Report

Reports > Export custom report...

PROBLEM: When i click on Selected fields and then press Select, I am presented with a dialog box with a list of field names. Tasks is not included in the list.

SOLUTION: Add Tasks to the list of fields.

2) Task Export

Edit > Export to Excel > Export list of tasks

PROBLEM: The name of the person associated with the task is is not included. The only way to identify the tasks is a mysterious column named ID 1 T EN. This must be an identification number unique to each individual task, but it is useless as there isn't any association with a person in the project.

As a workaround, when I created the task, I put the name of the person in the Title field.

SOLUTION: Change the name of the ID 1 T EN column. Name it something like Task Number so that it cannot be confused with the record number of a person. Most importantly, include seperate columns for First Name and Last Name.

3) Interface Improvements

Improvements should be made to the interface to display tasks.

One way is to include a field for Tasks in the List view on the left-hand side of the main window.

Another way would be to include a button in the taskbar to create a list of tasks in the main window. The user could then choose to save or print.


Ted Edwins
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RE: Need Easier Access to Tasks in Custom Report or Better Task Export
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Thank you for your extensive feedback!

I have asked our Develpment Team to improve the way taks are importent, as your comments are extremely sensible.

You will be notified when this is implemented, in a future update.



Noam \ MyHeritage Team 

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