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Smart Matching without Relatives
Jack Poynter
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Hello Folks,

 Out of the 540-some-odd people from the Twiggs County military units for whom I'm trying to find some sort of family, there are 70 or so whom I can't even find on a census.

It seems smart matching will not try to find a match on someone without any relations attached.  Is this true?  If it is true, can the search criteria be relaxed with an option?



Jack Poynter
Overland Park, KS
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RE: Smart Matching without Relatives
Isolda L
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HI Jack,


Thank you for writing to us.


You are correct, the smart matching engine works with family trees, by comparing various personal and family facts, mentioned in the trees.


Please also use the following link for more explanations about  the smart matching engine: 

What is Smart Matching™?

I think that in your case,  you probably should better use our other research options, as described in the link below:

How do I research my family history?

Isolda L
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