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Uploaded Gedcom (Update) Does Not Replace Old Family File
Carol Louise Tallman Jones
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My Heritage genealogy page was auto-generated upon your merger with GenCircles, which allowed unlimited updates of my gedcom file that replaced each older version.  Each time I try to do the same thing on this site, the file appears to upload (though no confirmation is received), but the old file is never replaced.

I have over 1000 new individuals and too many supporting facts to enter each one individually.

 Do I need to delete my old gedcom before uploading an updated file?  Please advise.  And please, please, tell me how to accomplish an update in one easy step and replace my old gedcom file.

Thanks.  --Carol

Carol Louise Tallman Jones
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RE: Uploaded Gedcom (Update) Does Not Replace Old Family File
Esther Weinberg
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 Each time that you upload a gedcom file to your family site, you will recieve a new tree on your family site. Even if the file has the same as the previous gedcom file, you will still get a new tree, and it will NOT replace the old one.  What you can do, is upload a new family tree with a gedcom file, and delete the old one.  

In order to view all the family trees that you have on your family site (those that you made online, those you have made in Family Tree Builder and published online, and those that you have uploaded as a gedcom file to your site) so that you can edit or delete a tree:


Please go to Family Tree > Manage Trees


and there you should see a list of all your family trees that you actually have on your site, and you can delete or work on whichever one you choose.


Please let me know if you have any more questions.


Best Regards,

Esther / MyHeritage Team 

Esther Weinberg
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