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Privacy issue with photos on new Smart Matching
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Does anyone else feel more exposed with the new smart matching feature showing all our family photos to anyone who matches, even remotely, to our family members??

I am a bit upset at this new feature, as I have all my photo albums locked on "private", so only my site members can access them, and now, very personal photos are 'out there' for anyone to copy. 

I want to be be able to tag people in my photos, so without opting out of smartmatching altogether, how can MyHeritage resolve this issue please?

 from an unhappy customer :(

 ........later added.........Oops! Silly me.....didn't realise I had an option to stop site managers from copying images within smartmatching.  I have now turned off that option.   Sorry MyHeritage, I lost my cool too quick.  I am really enjoying the smart match makeover. It is a huge help. Thanks for your efforts to get it working so well.

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