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FTB V5 - Tree Consistency Checker problem
lior efraim
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hi guys!

i've upgraded from FTB v4 to v5 a couple of days back, and i started exploring it.

i stumbled upon the "Tree Consistency Checker".

the idea is a stroke of genius!


two little questions:

(the attached picture concerns both questions)

1. whatever i press in the window - nothing happens and i get a "script error" message at the bottom.

what could it be?

2. i can't understand the first issue the TCC finds. the explanation doesn't sound like an issue but stillit's checked as an error. i couldn't find any help online about "Wrong designation of husband and wife (#26)"

thanks in advance.

lior efraim
holon, Israel
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Script Error.jpg
RE: FTB V5 - Tree Consistency Checker problem
Esther Weinberg
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Hi Lior, Thank you for writing to us. 1) this looks like a problem that we have since fixed. Please download the following version, and this should fix the problem: http://web009.myheritage.com/public/updates/1160/family_tree_builder_1160_cd.exe 2) The wrong designation of husband and wife refers to a Gedcom where the husband is on the right and the wife is on the left (against genealogical standards where it is the other way around). You can choose to ignore this issue, if you wish. Best Regards, Esther / MyHeritage Team
Esther Weinberg
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