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What is the difference between a webadmin and an ordinary member?
Leif Carsten Sommerdal
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I'm primarily working in the web-based part.

I wonder about the above mentioned question.

Furthermore I would like to know if it is possible to allow some people to see the full page - including alive persons - without giving these persons the ability to add/change/delete information on the site.

Finally I would like to be able to limit the ability for selected members only to work on a certain part of the tree.

 Kind Regards

Leif Nielsen

Leif Carsten Sommerdal
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RE: What is the difference between a webadmin and an ordinary member?
John Henry Kendall Saxon
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Hi Leif,

Thank you for writing to us. 

There are three different types of members for a family site. The site manager that is the creator of the site. This Site Manager has the most privileges, and can demote other site managers. You can also have other site managers on your site(if you promote them), who can change settings of the site. 

To “promote” a member of your family site to Site Manager status if you would like help in managing the site: The user must first be a member of your site! You must be logged in as the Site Manager of your site. Go to the Site Members page and click on the person’s name to view their profile. On the left, click on “Promote to Site Manager”. Click “Yes” to approve.

Regular invited members of your site can see your family tree. Regarding editing privileges, if you build your family tree online, the default option is the tree (and other content) can be edited by the Site Manager as well as all site members.

If you use our family tree software to build your tree the default option is the tree cannot be edited online, but content can still be added to the family site by site members.

If you prefer to limit members’ ability to add information to the family tree or content to the family site, follow the steps below: Log into your family site. Click on Settings > Privacy. Click on the “Members” tab. Select NO for “Can members edit the family tree?” to prevent members from editing the family tree. Select NO for “Can members post content on the site?” to prevent members from adding photos and other content to the family site. Click the Save button to save changes.

Please note that this is an all-or-nothing setting. At this point in time, you cannot choose to select certain people that can see but not edit your tree. 

Best Regards, Esther / MyHeritage Team




John Henry Kendall Saxon
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