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Contact Info??
James Tarbet
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I can't seen to get any response from MyHeritage about a problem I an experencing with Family tree maker.. I get no response from my emails.

My problem is with photos. Lately when I put a photo on a person's "card" the same photo shows up on several, unrelated individual's cards. My grandmother's photo shows on my granddaughter's card, and on several other people's cards,  for example.The photo is not associated with these people, and is not in the list of photos under their name.

Thois is very annoying, and difficult to clear up. The only solution I have found is to remove the original photo.

So, I have two questions.

Is there any way to actually TALK to some one at MyHeritage to sole this problem?


Is there anyone reading this who knows the solution?

Thank you

James Tarbet
Bedford, TX
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RE: Contact Info??
Nir Sharony
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Hi James,

Thank for writing to us and I apologize for the delay in the answer.

I see that you are managing several family sites. Can you specify exactly what family site had the problem?

Do you still have the problem or did it go away once you deleted the original photo? I am asking because if the problem still persists, it will be easier for us to understand the nature of the issue.

Did you associate this photo with a person in your family tree? You wrote that it was a photo of your grandmother, but did you associate her with the photo by tagging her, or by uploading that photo from the tree after selecting her card?

I am trying to figure out how this photo got uploaded so it would help me understand why it got associated with your granddaughter by mistake.

Where did you see the photo in your granddaughter's card? It would help if you could send support an email with a screenshot of the problem. You can contact support directly at support@myheritage.com


Nir Sharony 

Nir Sharony
Ramat Gan
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