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A big thank you
Colin A Rout
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This is just to say "Thank you" for your time in sorting out the search on tagging in reply to my request.


In the program for editing people there is a field at the end of last name to put Esq. 1 11 111 Jn Sn, with the older program this field would take 4 digits but now if you want to type anything into this field you can only type 2 digits. The reason as I explained before is that if you have 4 5 or more people called Joe Bloggs in your tree it is difficult to find the right person so I was putting the year of birth in that field so you would get Joe Bloggs 1777 when searching to do any reports or tag in photos and anything else, I know you get Joe Bloggs 3 cousin 3 times removed or Joe bloggs related by 10 steps but you may have a 2 Joe bloggs related by 10 steps I have been putting the last 2 digits in IE 77 for 1777 but Joe bloggs 1777 looks better than Joe Blogs 77. I was thinking of going back to the old program but if this could be reincorperated into the new program it would help or even a field to put the year of birth or even the year of birth being displayed when displaying a person whilst searching. Yours Colin Rout.


Thank You

Colin A Rout
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