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To Do List or Flag for Family Tree Builder Software
Russell Alexander
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Family Tree Builder Software

A To Do List or Flag for Family Tree Builder Software would be awesome.  As it is, a custom event named ToDo can be created with notes, which works fine, then all the "ToDo" items can be listed and reviewed, but maybe an official To Do list or flag on records.

Also, the New Fact > Category Custom Facts > Fact Types ... this custom list does not show up in the Search options under drop down menu for Facts Type.  Those items kinda need to show up so they can be selected for search criteria.

And then, we need a way to edit or remove Custom Facts > Fact Types from the master list.  FTB is automatically doing some things in the list that I would like to remove.  For example, if you try to make a Custom Fact Type= Death of Spouse, FTB will automatically throw a bunch of trash in the Custom Fact Type list, and swap out "Widowed" for the Fact Type.

Great Software, btw.  I've used them all, and FTB has the best visual interface for usability.

Russell Alexander
Austin, Texas 78745
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RE: To Do List or Flag for Family Tree Builder Software
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Hi Russel,


Thank you for your feedback!

I am happy to hear you are enjoying Family Tree Builder.

Your idea regarding the To Do list is very good, I will forward it to our Development Team.

As for Death of a spouse, you are right - it should not be turned to Widowed. In fact, widowed should be one of the default facts.


I will forward your feedback to our Development Team.



Noam \ MyHeritage 

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