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FTB, forums etc / suggestions
Dori Schmetterling
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1. Religious affiliation error ("Hindi")

In FTB, in Edit Person/Info you list a religious affiliation called Hindi. This is an error as it should be Hindu. A follower of Hinduism is a Hindu.

Hindi is the main common language of northern India (and the main official language).

Both words derive from Hind, which is another name for India, which is usually known as Bharat.

You may wish to correct this.

I suppose you can also correct existing users' downloaded software through a mailed update.


2. Taking up programming suggestions.

In another thread you replied to a programming suggestion something like "it is a good idea, if we get more comments we will take it up".

Would this work? Do you get many messages about specific improvements? I don’t see them in the forums.

I browse the forums to look for topics that may interest me and have seen suggestions for modifications which I thought very usefu. However, I would not post a "hear hear" to avoid repetition of comments.


3. Forums/comment dates.

I have noticed that posts on the forums are labelled with "x days ago" rather than a more conventional date,.

Without a date (and possibly even time) stamp it is difficult to refer to posts.

My suggestion is to apply a normal date (and time, say in GMT/UTC) for all posts or, if there is a good reason for doing so, have dates for posts older than say, 3 days.

Dori Schmetterling
United Kingdom
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RE: FTB, forums etc / suggestions
Esther Weinberg
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Hi Dori, 

Thank you for writing to us.

Regarding the first issue, I have reported it to the Product Development Manager of Family Tree Builder, and it will be fixed for the next release.

The second suggestion is a great idea, and it will also be passed on to the appropriate department. 

We appreciate your input!

Best Regards,

Esther / MyHeritage Team  

Esther Weinberg
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RE: FTB, forums etc / suggestions [2]
Dori Schmetterling
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Thanks, Esther.

 Regarding (1), will we get an automatic update when it is ready?  Or how do you handle FTB software updates?

 Re (2), to clarify, I meant that for any suggestions for changes/improvements you are unlikely to get more than one message, so if you waited for lots of people to write in you probably will not get that.

 Best regards/Dori

Dori Schmetterling
United Kingdom
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