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Why does the publishing from local program not get updated to family tree program online?
Kevin LeRoy Bailey
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I thought several months ago, whenever I published the updated information that I researched and added to FTB, that it would also add the info to the online family tree. I find today that information that I have been adding for last 2 weeks (obituary, notes, parents, children,etc.) have not been updated to the online family tree on the website. The only thing that is added is the photos or documents that I added to the persons.

It also appears that the publishing since the last 2 months has not been updating online.

Today, the only way to show online the people that I am currently working on was to add them to the online family tree by hand which takes about 20 minutes per person since you have to add the person then go to the list and edit each piece of information again by hand.

No wonder there is over 200 people difference in local FTB person count versus online count out of 6,000 in another program.

As I am attempting to restore from hard drive crash that lost 2000 people just before you took over FTL (my CD backup and online backup did not work), I was up to #998 of over 7000 people. Since this took all of my vacation time and my days off since Jan 2007 to get to only 300 people difference, it seems I need to begin all over again checking each person on local programs and online as well.

I was assuming that the publishing would make it happen, that's what I get for assuming. I will just add 2 more years to my researching to get my local programs with the same info AND the online before I can start the digging again.

Novel ends.

Kevin Bailey

Kevin LeRoy Bailey
Arkansas City, KS
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RE: Why does the publishing from local program not get updated to family tree program online?
Rhianna W
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Family trees created in Family Tree Builder should always be updated in the program and then republished to your family site.

Family trees created online should always be updated directly from your site.

I took a look at your site and found you have two trees. One of them is the family tree that came from GenCircles. *shaking your hand* Welcome! It's nice to meet you!

This GenCircles family tree with 6900 or so individuals is editable online. It will not be updated if you publish from FTB.

If you prefer to work with this tree in FTB, you can easily Export a Gedcom of the GenCircles tree, then Import it to FTB and start working from there. Whenever you want the updates to show up on the site, just publish. 

Regarding your other question about information not updating properly for the last couple of months, I wasn't sure I understood. Could you try to clarify for me? I can see that your FTB tree has around 6500 people in it.

In order to check this information for yourself, just go to your site and click on Family Tree > Summary. You'll see a list of the trees on your site as well as information about where they came from (FTB, gedcom, etc), how many individuals are in them and when they were last updated. 

Rhianna W
Tel Aviv, Israel
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