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Missing Facts information after GEDCOM import (PLEASE COULD I HAVE A QUICK REPLY NOW & NOT IN 6 MONTHS TIME?)
Ian Bell
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I have created a database of some 2000 plus names. I needed to split the database into a sub-database. The original database icludes all my ancestors back to my G-G-G-Grandfather. On my Great-Grandfather's details i needed to split to form a new database for his wife (My Great-Grandmother).Not being able to figure out how to do this split in FTB, I exported as a GEDCOM file to Brothers' Keeper, split the Database to what I wanted then exported this split from Brothers' Keeper as a new GEDCOM file.

Upon loading it into FTB as a new database i checked all the details, which all appear to be correct. HOWEVER!!!! information I had entered as Facts in the original Database did not replicate to the new one. Would this information have been lost in the export from FTB to BK or in the export back from BK to FTB. I now have to re-enter all the fact information again!! (The info was Registration numbers of Birth Death & Marriage Certificates.) What would have caused this loss of information? It means I now have to spend days - or even weeks - re-entering these details.

Hope you can help me.

BTW Is it possible to do a split of databases in FTB so that I don't lose vital information? I have to do these splits a few times to get the different branches, and it would be nice if I can do it without problems.


Ian Bell
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RE: Missing Facts information after GEDCOM import (PLEASE COULD I HAVE A QUICK REPLY NOW & NOT IN 6 MONTHS TIME?)
Lora KoenHemsi
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To export branch of your family tree please follow the steps below.

If you need further assistance please feel free to write to me at lora@myheritage.com 

Open your tree in FTB.

Go to File > Export Gedcom.


Click Save As, choose the folder on your computer you’d like to save to and click Next. In your case, you will want to give this tree a different name than your main tree. You may want to name it after the eldest ancestor in the branch you are exporting, for example.

If you wish to fill in author information or add a description to the file, you can do so here. It is not necessary though. Click Next.

Choose the language of the tree. Click Next.


This is the screen where you will choose a specific branch to export. Choose the “Include specific people only” option and click Select People.

Click Add to select people from your tree. I suggest you review your family tree before completing these steps and choose which ancestral branches to export. It will save you a lot of time when you get to this step.


Select the person you want to add. (In the next step you will choose if to include descendants, so select only the eldest ancestors).

For each person you choose, you can include Descendants and Spouses, Descendants only, Spouses only, or only This person. Use the Edit button to do this. When you’re finished click OK.


If you have photos in the tree, you’ll see the above screen. It is recommended to click Yes.

Click Finish. You have just created a new tree which contains a certain branch of your family only. **Exporting a branch from the family tree has no effect on the main tree.  In order to publish this tree, you will want to open it in FTB first. Go to File > Import Gedcom and import the gedcom you just created. Then publish it to your family site. 
Lora KoenHemsi
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