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Blood VS Spouse Relationships
Josip Ivančić
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I have more than 40 thousans persons in my family three. With some of the persons there is both through spouse and through blood (same ancestor). Sometimes is the relation through spouse shorter and is shown on relation screen. It would be a nice functionality to be able to get blood relation report even though it is longer than the spouse one.

Any chance?

Also, it woud be nice to have on the ancestors report as an option a level parameter which would for each ancestor include it's descedents. I.e. if 1 is specified, the report would include for each ancestor it's children information, if 2 both the children and their's children information etc.

Regard, Josip

Josip Ivančić
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RE: Blood VS Spouse Relationships
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Hi Josip,

Thank you for writing and for this great suggestions.

 I forwarded this to the relevant team.

Please let us know if you have anymore ideas.

Best Regards,

Arbel / MyHeritage.com 

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