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Mark finished of adding people
Vincent Veldman
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Not sure if this functionality exists, but after looking through the program for some time, I didn't found anything.. so. here's a new feature request..(a small and less time consuming one for a good programmer)

While adding people, I found after 200-300 people I don't always know who I've done completely and who not.

My family expands already 2^14 back into history = 16.000 people and more..

Also I want to add not just the line back upwards, but also their brothers, sisters, and where their decendants have settled and spread over the globe..

 As you can understand, it's quite a problem to keep an overview. For this, I'd love an option to add to each person and then to mark him/her as "finished or done" in a checkbox! 

 Further, using this "mark ready, finished, done" checkbox to fill a list additional to the existing "tree"and "list" tabs There's room for extra tabs, and right now only "tree" and "list" exist. A new tab to show only the "finished" or "unfinished" people would really help me out keeping track of who'm I'm done with and who not.

alternative, using this additional "done, ready, finished" checkbox of people for a filter in the already existing "List" tab..

I could of course add something myself and using the "search for people" each time. But I consider a radio button or a checkbox as the only good solution for handling this.

Especially since I know from own programming experience, adding such a checkbox to a program with a new "list" tab or "filter" or adding this functionality to the "search people" will take just 1% of the time as it would take me as customer to add a custom note or similar each time instead of just ticking a checkbox

Vincent Veldman
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RE: Mark finished of adding people
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Hi Vincent,
 Thank you for writing.
We currently do not have this, although thank you for the suggestion.
I will be sure to forward it to the appropriate department for consideration.
Please let me know if you have any other ideas as we do value such input from our
Best Regards,
Arbel / MyHeritage.com Team
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