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Vincent Veldman
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Importing the photos works great.

And the features themself are even greater.

However, it's kinda wierd to assume a person doesn't use photo-editing software, album software, slideshow software, and doesn't publish his photos anywhere except only using this system. Maybe the devs don't know, but there are zillions of soft-packages and sites out there offering all kinds of publishing, editing, managing,etc

For this reason, people who want to do things right, usually set up their own folder/file name structure so they can easily find photos throughout the various services and programs or databases. 

 I miss this in MyHeritage Family Tree Builder. It's really a huge minus for this awesome program. 

 So the feature I want:

1) to be able to define my own folder structure where to store photos(not just all photos into photos but simply that I can store them anywhere I want

i.e. photoscentury16, photoscentury17, photoscentury18 and so fort and so on

2) to be able to choose where I want auto-renaming and impossible to know what the program is doing(give all control away and unable to verify what you're doing) 

or to keep original file names, keep control in your own hands, see what you're doing, and able to check file versions/size/date of the same picture easily with those of other programs/slideshows/galleries/etc...

Vincent Veldman
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RE: Optional
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Hi Vincent,


Thank you for your feedback!


We are aware of other photo handling programs, and you can even import from some of those using the online Family Site.


I will forward your suggestions regarding FTB's photo handling capabilities to our Development Team.

We often make improvements according to users' suggestions.


Noam \ MyHeritage Team 

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