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Family Tree Builder Suggestions
Troy Young
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I have a couple of suggestions regarding the Family Tree Builder software.

 Some things that are annoying about the current program (which is already great, by the way) are that if no relationship is listed, they're automatically listed as Married instead of Unknown, which is not, I believe, safe or logical to suppose.  Also, the program does not allow for complex or multiple relationships.  Instead of having only one relationship field per couple, it would be better to have a relationship status field, then a new divorce date or separation date field if the couple separates, without having to omit their marriage information.  It is also annoying to me that every time I add a new spouse to someone who is divorced or whatever, it gives me an error message, as though nobody ever has more than one spouse.  Some people have multiple spouses at the same time!  I would also love it if all spouses could be viewed at once.  If spouses are somehow relate, it would also be great for the program to visually represent that rather than make duplicates of the person they are both related to, which is very confusing. 

Also, it would simplify inputting lineage data if one could simply add citation info for many people at once instead of having to enter the same information for each and every person.  I also don't really like that daughters of single mothers have their maiden name automatically set to their mother's maiden name, as this is actually never the case, and only takes time to correct and leads to confusion.

 I hope this feedback helps those working on updating the program, whenever that happens.  I look forward to a future update!

Troy Young
Columbia, MO
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RE: Family Tree Builder Suggestions
Rhianna W
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Hi Troy,

Thanks for the feedback.

Here are some suggestions:

1. We do indeed assume a couple is married if no information about the relationship status is entered manually. This is a convenience to most - but you are right, maybe in today's world it's not the best way to treat things anymore. ;) If we get enough feedback we may change it.

2. Whenever a new event happens for a couple it should be added as a separate fact. If the couple marries - fact #1. If the couple separates - fact #2. Divorce - fact #3. This way you don't have to omit any information.

3. When you add multiple spouses you do get a message asking if you are sure you want to add another spouse. It's just a precaution, nothing more. I'll record a feature request to add the ability to turn this warning off in the Tools > Options menu.

4. In Family Tree Builder it is possible to view only one couple at a time. You don't have to make duplicate individuals though if you have married cousins in the tree for example. Just use the Attach Spouse feature in the Edit > Spouses menu to create a link between two existing persons in the tree.

5.  Adding citation data for multiple persons at once is a good suggestion.You are correct, there isn't a feature to allow you to do that yet.

6. I wasn't able to reproduce the 'daughters of single mothers take the mother's maiden name' scenario. As far as I am aware a daughter of a single mother doesn't have a maiden name automatically filled in. 

Hope this information helps you.

Rhianna W
Tel Aviv, Israel
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RE: Family Tree Builder Suggestions [2]
Alex Bicknell
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Wonder if you've got any further in thinking about these issues - with which I agree.

Here's a scenario: a couple are bringing up a child who is biologically only one of theirs. It seems the only way to represent this honestly is to create an "unknown" ex-spouse. And then the child doesn't show up in the family...

Would be good if all spouses, and all children, showed up.

And would be good if a child could be linked to just one parent. 

Alex Bicknell
United Kingdom
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RE: Family Tree Builder Suggestions [3]
Aviv Ben-Arie
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Hi Alex,

Thank you for writing to us.

Yes, currently an "unknown" spouse will be added to a child if only one of his parents were entered in the tree, as in the current logic we use each child needs to have 2 parents connected to him (either 2 natural, 2 biological or both).

I apologize if this is inconvenient.





Aviv Ben-Arie
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