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smart matching not working
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when I do the smart matching in my family it doesn't find any matches from at least to other families that I know that have a match.

the name are:  Malaev-Alaev , and Pinchasov family.

in addition it finds a match from an "unknown" wich have no website, what is that?

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RE: smart matching not working
Rhianna W
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Hi David,

I looked at your matches and cannot find the "unknown" match with no tree. It is possible that the owner of this tree decided to delete the tree and/or account and during the time it takes to process your next Smart Match updates you saw the unknown.

As for the other two sites you know you have matches with, neither of them have been processed for Smart Matching yet. Both sites are pending processing at this point in time. As soon as those sites have been processed you should get matches.


Rhianna W
Tel Aviv, Israel
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