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Some Suggestions
Tom Jose Kallarackal
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Here are some suggestions that I think woulld make MyHeritage even better:

1. I think it is great that every member can add photos, videos, etc to the family site, but I don't like that any member can also delete/remove them. I think that for each item (photo, video, document, etc) that is uploaded to the site should only be able to be removed by either the member who uploaded it or the site manager(s). As family sites grow in membership this can guard against those very members who might cause problems by deleting items uploaded by other members.

2. A few months ago you added maps to the statistics page. I think this is great. Also when you look at the member lists you can see the location of members (if they add that information). I think a great addition would be a whole map that uses pins to map all the members of the site (just the members who have listed their location). This would be a great visual to see what parts of the globe the site members are from.

3. Adding links between different family sites that have the same individual(s). I know you have mentioned adding this in the future and I also understand how this can make things complicated, but I think this would be fantastic. I love FTB so I use that to updated my family tree. The problem is that means only I can update the tree and family members can't made additions themselves. By linking common individuals others could create their own trees that could could be linked to very distant and under-developed parts of my tree. I understand this can make things tricky for MyHeritage, but I believe there are many possible solutions. One could be that basic members have a limit to the number of trees they can join while premium members can join however many family sites as they want.

Anyways, I hope these suggestions are helpful and that I/we see them in the future.

Tom Jose Kallarackal
Germantown, MD
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RE: Some Suggestions
Esther Weinberg
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Hi Tom, 

Thank you for all of your suggestions.

They are very thoughtful, and we can see that you truly use Family Tree Builder to its capicity.

I will make sure to pass on all of your suggestions to the relevant developers.

Please note, that if you created your tree in Family tree Builder, you can make your tree a tree that is still editable online by your other site members.

Please see the following post in our FAQ:

If I use Family Tree Builder can I still have a tree I can edit online?


Best Regards,

Esther / MyHeritage Team  

Esther Weinberg
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