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Make the site faster
Bill and Bev Wilkinson
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I'm sorry, but as it is now this site is UNUSABLE.

Every time I do anything remotely processor intensive (e.g., ask for 8 generations of ancestors for a given individual), I get a server timeout.

And forget even *thinking* about using smart matches.  I can't even get the first page to come up.  "Server is unavailable."  I've tried several times, at various times in the day.

So this may be a great site and/or product, but we'll never know, since we can't use any of its features.

Maybe I'll come back in a year or so and see if things have improved.  In the meantime, back to RootsWeb.  It's clunky; it doen't have smart matches, and it loads you down with ads.  But at least it is fast.

Bill Wilkinson 


Bill and Bev Wilkinson
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RE: Make the site faster
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I apologize for experience with the site. Hundreds of thousands of members are able to view the site just fine every day. We're also constantly working on streamlining our services. Could you tell me what kind of internet connection you have?

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