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Variation on Surname.
Colin A Rout
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Would it be possible to be able to put a variation on a Surname in the same way as when you enter a wife's maiden name?

This may only effect me!

For example, My Surname is "Rout" and when the transcribers copy the census records due to handwritting ect some times its Route, Root, Rough, Rolt, Vout, Wrought, Ront, Roult, etc. Also its not just Rout, my Great Great grandfather was Drewery and the variations with that name is Drew, Dreary, Drewary and there are more.

I do put a comment in the notes section to say what the varient is, but it would be nice if it were possible to have it displayed as I said in the same way as the maiden name of the wife.

Its just a christmas wish but if it were possible.

P.S. The new look tree display is great, and the person select is now better,

Thank you..


Colin A Rout
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RE: Variation on Surname.
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Hi Colin,


In FTB, you can click on Names in the Edit details window,

and add a Name Note.

I will forward your request regarding the additional name's display to our Development Team.

Thank you for the feedback on the new Tree Display!


Noam \ MyHeritage Tea.  

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