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FIX BUG, Initial person, Homepage, One person in two places....
Stanislav Řábek
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Some suggestions, just like I said in section family pages in my post about bug in Family tree:

  1. First of all, fix BUG please, mainly the one with NOT SHOWING new added persons in Family tree, thx:)
  2. For example Home page, nice one, but when i update information for more then 5 peoples per day, on the frontpage will be shown: updated information by 18 persons in family tree: Rabek, Melo, Pavlov. but not the inline list of them like it is , when you update <= 5 peoples per days :) Same it is when you add persons.

  3. When THE member of our family is logged in and than click on Family Tree, why is he not seeing himself in center of Family Tree like Initial person, but only me. Maybe is there some option for this ..  
  4. One person in two places - like in case of married of 2nd cousins. I need to see one person like a wife and on the same screen like sister of someone. Don't recommend to me your great Famyli tree program, I'm cooperating on my family tree with about 90 peoples. And when your colleague tell me, that it's possible , but I have to update gedcom, and than mark every single person on each photo(about 500), I was thinking he is kidding me. So your program is not for our family, we like to work online, not lonely offline .)
  5. Adding existing person as parent of someone, this is easy one :)

When will be these things solved, It will be for me perfectly working Family reconnector.

Good luck in future with this project.

Stanislav Řábek
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