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Half tree cut off in classic display
Blankeneser Jung
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In the "classic" display of my family tree in the family pages actually I can only see one half of my ancestors, either the male or female side, while the other half is replaced by the "green leaves". When I click on the leaves the branch appear, but therefore the other disapear. In the past it was possible to see both male and female ancestors at the same time. - Interestingly this behaviour is not the same for all persons in the tree but only for some. I don't see any system in this. Is this intenionally or is it a bug???

Best regards


Blankeneser Jung
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RE: Half tree cut off in classic display
Esther Weinberg
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Hi Kirsten,

Thank you for writing to us.

We are sorry that you are experiencing this problem.

We are in the middle of fixing the amount of people that can be shown on a tree at the same time.

Please note that your information is safe, and it is only the display that is being worked on.

We will let you know as soon as this issue is fixed.

We hope that it will be very soon, and appreciate your patience.

Best Regards,

Esther / MyHeritage Team 

Esther Weinberg
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