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Information transferred to someone else's tree.
Janis Petrovic
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I started a family tree a few years ago naming it with my father's last name and my mother's maiden name, since those are the two names I want to research.  My name is different because I am using my married name.  I am no longer married to this person and one of his children from a following relationship has started a family tree in that name.  For some reason 'myHeritage' has transferred information and pictures from my tree to this girls tree without asking either of us permisstion to do so.  I am furious about this.  At first I accused this poor girl (she's a teen) of stealing this info from my tree and wanted to know how she was able to get it, as I had never given her any way to connect with my tree.  Of course she denied knowing anything about it.  When I finally realized that it was 'myHeritage' who had done this, I naturally had to apologize to the poor kid, who now thinks I'm crazy.

'myHeritage' had no right to do this.....do you see my last name in the title of my family tree....no, you do not!  I want that info taken off her tree, and since you put it there, you you should be the one to remove it.

Her father had two separate families and the only people of my family who belong on that tree are me and my three youngest children and his one grandchild, who we share!   The rest of my family belongs only on my tree.     Yell



Janis Petrovic
Pontiac, IL
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RE: Information transferred to someone else's tree.
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Hi Janis,

I am sorry for your inconvenience.

We never move any information from one Family Site to another.


The only way in which the other user could have gotten your information into her Family Site, is by using Smart Matches.

Smart Matches is an automatic process by which you get Matches to your tree from other trees in MyHeritage. It will only work if the user approves it, and in any case will never show information about living individuals. 

To turn off matches with your tree, go to the Family Tree > Manage Trees page in your Family Site, click on the Edit link next to your tree, and disable Smart Matches.

Keep in mind that this will prevent you from getting any matches as well.

We cannot remove information from another user's tree, but I am sure that if you explain which information you want removed, she will take care of it. If she experiences any technical difficulties while trying to remove the data, she can contact me.

If you are worried about the privacy of your Family Site, Please read the following FAQ post:

How do I make sure all my family site information is kept private?



Noam \ MyHeritage Team 


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