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Windows Live Photo Gallery - re-use people tags
Jan Bijl
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I have seen the reply on this forum on the same subject. However  the answer that it would be quite a challenge seems questionable. Re-tagging over 11.000 photo"s (!!!) with the same people tag is an effort that I will not start. I suggest that you investigate the (free) program Windoes Live Photo Gallery. It builds up a link between a name and the tag in a photo. If you change a name all names in the photos are also changed. If a simple interface can be build between a name in family Tree Builder and the name in the name list in WL Photo Gallery the problem is solved and the records are linked! The same goes for the other Exif, XTPC etc data (such as date, description, location etc etc) And of course vice versa. If a person in Family Tree builder is recognized the people tag(name tag) should be exported to WL Photo Gallery as well (or beter should be written to the photo data (tags) which can be read bij WL Photo gallery)

This would be an unique and great unique selling point of your software. Gr. Jan

"We read EXIF information about the photo but we currently do not read the tagging information. Even if we do (and we might in the future), it will still be impossible to safely connect the name tag you added to the photo with a particular individual in the tree. There may not be a perfect match in the name, or there could be an ambiguity where more than one individual matches the name tag. So it will be quite a challenge to come up with an easy to use interface for connecting between name tags in EXIF data in the photos and the correct individuals in the tree. Having said that, challenges are never something we shy away from here so we’ll so some brainstorming and see what we can come up with."

Jan Bijl
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