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new Smart Matches 11/16/09
June Gray
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These people are none of my families. They belong to the site I've contacted you about before. You put them onto my site, Callaway Grays 'n Crumps, a long time ago.  I have tried repeatedly to get you to take that site away & return my own genealogy research. You haven't done it.  Communications from you have shown clearly you do not even read my complaints about losing all my own work.

I have given up trying to get cooperation from you on straightening this problem out, but please, stop sending me their Smart Matches.  They are not mine.

June Gray chachipup@yahoo.com,

June Gray
Columbia, MO
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RE: new Smart Matches 11/16/09
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Hi June,

I am sorry for the delay in helping you with this problem.

I am shown that you have 4 Family Trees in your Family Site.

You can see them in the Family Tree > Manage Trees page, in your Family Site.

You can also delete the trees you don't want.


3 of these trees were published from your Family Tree Builder, and one is an online tree. If you want to delete a Family Tree Builder tree, remove him from the Family Site,

and then go to Family Tree Builder, and remove the project from there as well. You can do that in the File > Manage Trees menu.

 Once you remove the tree, you will not get anymore irrelevant Matches.


Please let me know if you need more help.


Noam \ MyHeritage 

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