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Wrong parents
Andreas Schwab
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I made a mistake and one of the individuals has a wrong parent. Later, I added a partner and children to this individual. How can I correct the parent without losing the other information? I tried to delete the individual but the entry was replaced by an "unknown" individual with the same relationships.
Andreas Schwab
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RE: Wrong parents
Linde Wolters
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Dear Andreas,


The reason the “unknown” shows up when you try to delete someone has to do with the way family trees are built and how the online family tree at MyHeritage works.

In standard family tree logic there must always be a man-woman pair whenever a child exists in the tree.

In order to comply with those standards, the family tree program at MyHeritage also requires a man-woman pair in order for a child to exist in the tree.

This means that anytime there is a child attached to two persons in the tree, and you try to delete one of those parents, the program is forced to keep a “person” in that place. Thus, our lovely unknown. That  "unknown" can be edited and replaced with a real person later.

We are currently working on a better solution to this problem.

In the meantime, your best workaround is to make sure that there are no children attached to a person that you would like to delete. If you remove the children, you can completely remove spouse. Then you can add the children again and there won't be an "unknown" spouse there.

We understand if this is frustrating for you because, for example, there may be persons “high up” in the tree that you need to delete and it would mean deleting a lot of children in order to get to him/her. The best thing to do is EDIT the information on that person if you can rather than trying to delete him/her altogether.

I hope that helps,




Linde Wolters
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