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Looking to contact Webmasters or Members for the below Family Websites
Gary Wayne Vanderbur
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Hello, All.

My name is Gary Wayne Vanderbur and I am the Webmaster olf the Vanderbur Family Genealogy Website here on MyHeritage.  I have been doing research into the Vanderbur family name for a number of years now and am always eager and glad to expand the number of Vanderburs I know and am related to (which is anyone with the Vanderbur name).

There are a number of Web sites here at MyHeritage that are private and I cannot figure out how to send the Webmaster an e-mail.  Consequently, I have opened this thread in the hopes of having either a Webmaster of the site or a member read it and contact me.

The names of the family Web sites I'm interested in are shown below:

  • Ellinghame Web Site
  • McFall Web Site (I have information on Thomas and Rebecca's lineage)
  • Jones Web Site (which lists Vanderburs in it)
  • Crivellari Web Site
  • Labbee Web Site
  • Spurgeon Web Site
  • Hilton Web Site
  • Holley Web Site
  • Parkison Web Site (I have information on Elijah and Niettie's lineage)

I have quite a bit of Vanderbur family lineage that I am more than willing to share with each of the Webmasters / members of the above Web sites.  All I ask, in turn, is that we get to know each other, our common and removed Vanderburs and figure out how we are all related.

Thanks, in advance, and I do look forward to your replies.


Gary W. Vanderbur  Durham, NC USA  vandy@nc.rr.com

Gary Wayne Vanderbur
Durham, NC
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