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Family Tree Designs
darren brown
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My name is Darren and I have recently launched a new website that I hope provides a service that many of you may find useful.


Many people often spend years and years building up an archive of photographs and information of their ancestors. With computers offering a convenient resource to store and log all of your information that you have gathered over the years. It's a great tool for organizing and planning your family tree.


The most popular option is to use a family tree design package, with so many products with a bit of time and practice you can begin the design stage of your family tree. However these programs do have their limitations and won't always give you exactly what you want, they tend to lack that creative spark that can often be the element that brings your family tree to life.


What I do is create you a bespoke design based around the layout of your ancestors. I will plan and add any information you have gathered over the past and combine it with some creative flair to produce a wonderful design that once completed you can hang on the wall and have a personal piece of original artwork based on your ancestors.


All of my designs are totally original and can be designed to reflect any theme you wish, if your family has a military background then the design can reflect this. I'm able to add full colour images and documents to the layout and I finish it off with some classy design touches to add that finishing touch to your layout.


I have just launched my new family tree design website and would appreciate any feed back from the sort of people who would be tempted to use this service.


There's explanation of all of the services I offer and some examples of family tree's I've created in the past.


And if you mention this post and order a family tree design then I will give you a 20% discount.


Thank you.


Darren Brown





P.S. Any comments or suggestions about the site would be welcome. Thanks

darren brown
United Kingdom
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