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Problems tagging faces
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Hi, I'm really impressed with the feature to detect and tag faces in my pics, and have loaded in a substantial amount of my flickr pics to do just that.

However I got carried away and kept tagging people that I hadn't added to my just-started family tree yet. Now that I've added them to the tree, I can't seem to attach the profile on the tree with the profile that has their names on it. I also can't seem to clear all my current people tags and start again... so I'm stuck with a load of tagged people that I can't attach to my actual tree. I've also had difficulty exporting these tags back to flickr, leaving the feature effectively useless.

 Any ideas? 

 p.s. it would also be nice to be able to, after I've tagged all my pics with people, go through and delete all the albums and pics that arn't linked to my tree (no sense in them cluttering up the place)

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RE: Problems tagging faces
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We will soon be adding a feature that will let you correct tagging you have already made.

In the meanwhile, you find these photos in the Photos & Albums page,

click on them to enlarge,

and then delete the tagging, by clicking on the small X next to the tagged name.

Now you can go to the Tag people page, and use the new tagger to quickly tag these individuals again, this time to their place in the tree.



Noam \ MyHeritage

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