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Suggestions: Charts> 1. Boxes format 2. Generational/family group selections
E Lawson
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I would like to submit 2 suggestions/options for GENERATING CHARTS:

1). BOX FORMATS & STYLES: for male/female to be independent of one another so (similar to differing/independent color options) I could select different styles for respective sex (i.e. standard rectangle for male, and a rectangle with squared corners [octagonal] for females) or other various style options, so if one does not choose to use color on a chart, the males and females can be more readily differentiated. [looks nice, too].

2). When generating charts, allow/create options for user to select certain individuals and/or family groups specific to users needs rather than only allowing choices through close family/or number of generations, etc.  Close family does not give me (& I imagine many others, also) the right people, and when I choose 2, 3, or 4 generations it either gives not enough or too many people for what I want to create in a family tree chart -- so if user is allow to select/or de-select certain individuals, or even a family group, from a drop down box (or similar menu), charts could be more specific and directly relevant to more users.

Thanks-- you have a great product/service..... Scotsgirl2


E Lawson
Sterling Heights, MI
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