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Changing Person's default photo
Max Myakishev-Rempel
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A very important feature is missing:

Selecting a default photo for a person from already downloaded photos.

Currently, the selection is set up in a very cotraintuitive way.

It is possible to upload a default image for a person only from a local PC. If the photo is already uploaded , there is no way to set it up as a default image.

 Please add the command=menu=link=function=feature = "set this photo as default"  to represent this person in the tree and in the person's entree.

Second related problem is that the default image is changed by the system when new images are uploaded. That doesn't make any sense and should be fixed.

The image for a person should be defined by the user, not by MyHeritage site. I think, what it does now, it takes the latest uploaded image of a person and sets it as a default image for a tree. That is often a poor choice and should be fixed. The person should be represented not by latest uploaded image, but by the best image of that person.



Max Myakishev-Rempel
Rochester, NY
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