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Privacy and Logins
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Last night my newly found cousin in France found himself in my inbox on my family website! I am in New Zealand! He was not yet a member of my site but even if he was, he should not have found himself in my inbox.  He did not have my login details. He was very embarassed.

Also yesterday another cousin was uploading photo's to my site and over half of them are listed as me having uploaded them. He somehow ended up in my profile too!

I found myself in my sister's profile this morning after clicking on a link in an email. I could have changed anything she had written in her profile!

My settings as the site manager are not working. Anyone can invite anyone to join even though this isn't ticked.

So, I ask, what is going on? How can different people get right into your profile without logging in as you and from different parts of the world? This is quite disturbing.

Can anyone help please?





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