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Missing family pages
István Matécz
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Dear MyHeritage,

It's a week ago I can't reach my family site. And none of my family members. You aren't answering my e-mails, I couldn't find out what to do. My site sends newletter to us, but we can't reach the site. Google tells that the DNS server is missing. I tried to change browser, change computer, search on google for other myheritage sites, but all of them are missing except the twitter and the myheritage blog site. The family tree program can establish contact to the site, and it can upgrade the tree. For further information about the error please contact me on my mail: eldon@upcmail.hu Site is: http://www.myheritage.hu/site-54139111/matecz-istvan-web-site After a little bit of search I learned that the hungarian pages are the missing sites.

On a forum many other webmasters reported that their sites are missing too. One of them suggested that before someone repairs the error we should change the language to english or other. Most of them are working. It's not bad, but many of my relatives doesn't speak english or another language only hungarian. They can't use the site until the repairing. I hope you can solve the problem soon.

Best regards: Istvan Matecz

István Matécz
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RE: Missing family pages
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Hi Istvan,

There is a solution for the problem:

First clear the cash and cookies in your internet browser.

go to Myheritage.com.

then switch to the Hungarian display language.

you can tell all of your site members to do the same.


I am sorry for the inconvenience. 


Noam \ MyHeritage

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