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Hebrew support
Ben Finkelstein
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I have been able to enter Hebrew names in the comment field of the Birth event from a Windows machine, but it does not seem to be possible on the Mac (I have tried Safari, Firefox, and Camino). There is no problem VIEWING the information from a Mac; the difficulty arises only with data entry. I find typing in Hebrew easier on my Mac, so I hope that this bug can be tracked down and corrected.

I also second the request for support for Hebrew dates. Especially valuable for yahrzeit, but also births, weddings, bar and bat mitzvot, etc. The Hebrew date cannot be calculated from the English date because some life events occur after sunset (e.g., the births of all three of my children). I have been entering Hebrew dates in comment fields, but this does not generate calendar alerts. Along these lines, perhaps the user should be allowed to select which anniversaries of life events (birthdays etc.) will appear on the family calendar, and whether listings should be calculated based on the Hebrew or civil (Gregorian) date.

Ben Finkelstein
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