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suggestions / features for ease of use
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1. When contact information for a family is being entered, it would be wise to have an option to add the same contact info to the spouse and / or children and /or other family members. It will save a lot of time and also avoid multiple recoreds of the same place due to minor variations like space & / or punctuation marks

2. In the people page, it would be better if we can sort on living, deceased, married etc categories.

3. The photo tagging & removal of people from the photo should be available from the photo itself & on any page - currently, tagging is available at one place & removing people from picture is available at another place.

4. A live help chat would be useful to sort out issues faced by the members (at least for premium members) as otherwise, help is almost not available

5. In the invite more members, the existing members names should not be displayed as it causes confusions. though it would make sense to display members who have never logged in so fresh invitations could be sent

6. The upcoming events should have customisation possibility of what, what not, & how many events to be displayed - as I encountered an issue - I would want my deceased father's birth date to be displayed, but for someone else who does not want to be reminded of deceased people's events as they would get upset - as in case of young deceased members - so the customised display of event for each member would be useful

7. The mails to th einbox should be downloadedable to outlook or similar softwares

8. A universal format for address book should be introduced to enable manage the contacts.

9. Synchronisation between FTB & online site should be possible

10. features on FTB & online site should be identical - at least for premium members so data can be synchronised & edited at ease & conveniently

will be back with more after some of these issues are attended to 


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RE: suggestions / features for ease of use
E Lawson
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good ideas all - I especially like #s 1-3-4-8-9-10
E Lawson
Sterling Heights, MI
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