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My Family Tree Project Plan - Will It Work?
Arthur Milimo
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I created my first GEDCOM file in 2005. This past week I 'dusted off' this file, downloaded the Family Tree Builder application (FTB) and opened an account on MyHeritage (MH) site.

I'm a Kenyan, with family spread around the world from Australia to Europe to the Americas. I would like to work with them in order to complete and to maintain our family tree.

I've spent some days going through the MH forum and Help Center and picked out the following points that directly impact on my project plans:

- Do my photos transfer with a GEDCOM file? Unfortunately, photos are not transferred with a GEDCOM file. At this point in time, we do not have a way to import photos from a GEDCOM file. They will have to be added again manually to a family tree. Posted on Nov 11, 2008 [ANY DEVELOPMENTS?]

- If I use Family Tree Builder can I still have a tree I can edit online? Family Tree Builder trees are currently not editable from your family site. Family Tree Builder trees are “Published” to a family site so they can be viewed by your family members, but all editing occurs in Family Tree Builder and not on your family site. --- Posted on Oct 14, 2008 [ANY DEVELOPMENTS?]

- Is it possible to merge two GEDCOM files together? Yes, it is possible to merge two GEDCOM files together. --- We intend to provide more advanced features for merging GEDCOM files and consolidating duplicates, in the future. Posted on Oct 14, 2008 [ANY DEVELOPMENTS?]

- If I have Family Tree Builder, why can't I edit my tree online? --- When you create a family tree in Family Tree Builder and publish it to your family site, you CANNOT edit the tree online. If you built your tree in Family Tree Builder, each time you would like to make changes to your tree online, edit your tree in Family Tree Builder and then re-publish your family tree to your family site. This will update the previously published tree (with the same name) on your site. [ANY PLANS TO CHANGE THIS?] Posted on Nov 13, 2008


Based on what I understand are the current capabilities of the FTB and MH site utilities, please see the following steps and kindly advise if my plan will work completely, partially or not at all:

1. finish editing family tree (currently 180 persons 500 photos) on FTB 2. publish to MH as My site 'Tree I' (photos appear on website) 3. import GEDCOM I to MH as My site 'Tree II' (no photos on website) 4. invite family to view My sites 'Tree I' and 'Tree II' (does this require double invitation?) 5. request family, now members, to edit, add, comment on 'Tree II', including photos. 6. export GEDCOM II from My site 'Tree II' (photos will not be exported, right?). 7. merge GEDCOM II onto GEDCOM I on my FTB 8. manually download photos from 'Tree II' to add to the merged 'Tree III' in my FTB 9. at this stage, depending on developments regarding export/ import of photos with GEDCOM files, will either publish or export 'Tree III' to MH site, as my family's to-date complete and only family tree (possible to delete 'Tree I' and 'Tree II', right?).

I would really appreciate any feedback so that I may proceed with this project.

Thank-you and kind regards,


Arthur Milimo
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