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Deleting Duplicate/TriplicatePhotos and Recently Lost Photos
Hyacinth White (Farquharson)
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I have emailed customer support but never seem to be able to get an answer from them. I am getting ready to pull the site as recently it seems that I am having more problems than usual. I just tried adding a surname to a photo and when I clicked Save, the page went white. I could still see everything on the page but it was pale.  I waited and the page did not refresh or save the infor I put in.  I left it with the name unchanged but that's not how I want it.

Another problem I can't seem to fix is deleting duplicate & triplicate pictures.  How can this be done as I don't see a delete button on that page.

Additionally, a few days ago while rearranging some photos and deleting others, a message popped up that the site was experiencing problems. It asked that I click the refresh button which I did and now many of my photos are missing.  Where are my photos and can I retrieve them or not?

Someone please respond as I am frustrated working on the site and not being able to do what I need to.  Thanks for any advice and assistance.


Hyacinth White (Farquharson)
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