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Sylvia I. Bartels (born -Dorn)
Husband: LeRoy A.
June 8 1925
Sep 14 1997
Eliza Ghastin (born COLEMAN)
Parents: Alanson and Harriet
Husband: Albert
Children: Albert Alanson, Henry Herman, Mary Gertrude and Susan Emma
Nov 4 1834
July 26 1927
Geraldine Bean (born Gore)
Husband: Clarence Leon
Children: <Private> and <Private>
Mar 14 1929
Dec 10 2007
Nora Sina Fry (born Henningsen)
Husband: Nathan Calvin
Letitia Lord McCorkle (born Krouskop)
Parents: Jacob and Elisabeth
Siblings: David, George, Mary, William, Albein Houy "AH", Cyntha and Eliza
Husband: Joseph C.
Son: William Stanley
May 28 1838
Sep 14 1918
Elizabeth Eulalia Vowels (born Liggett)
Husband: Francis E
Children: Anna Frances, Agnes Marie, Susan Lucille, Samuel Griffith, Bernard Leo, John Paul, <Private>, <Private> and <Private>
Aug 18 1897
Oct 31 1994
Jane Caroline Tindol (born Miller)
Husband: Silas James
Children: Sarah Elizabeth, Mary Ella, Frances Moyzelle, Coor Eugenia, John Samuel and Myrtle Mae
Aug 8 1859
Feb 11 1938
Huldah P. Cross (born -Andrus)
Partners: Job M. and E.O.
Aug 7 1848
Apr 17 1868
Rosa "Rosie" Block (born -Kendrick)
Husband: John Lawrence
<Private> Wilmot (born -Williams)
Children: <Private>, <Private>, <Private>, <Private> and <Private>
    2    1,000    2,000    3,000    4,000  
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