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Rachel Wolfley (born Abbott)
Husband: Robert
Children: Anna, Della, George Perry and Robert Louis
Circa 1836
After 1910
Frances Wright (born Allerd)
Husband: Joseph J.
Children: Lewis Burr, Sarah Melvina, Thomas Bradley, Mary Ann, Catherine Alice, Abner Fletcher, Emma Josephine, Margaret Belle, Iredale Dillard, William Worth, Martha Smith and Benjamin Franklin
Circa 1834
 Overton County, Tennessee
May 25 1918
 Chautauqua County, Kansas
Arthur Leonard Armour
Parents: George and Ann
Siblings: Harry Ellington, Daisy and Minnie
Nov 29 1875
Feb 19 1935
Daisy Armour
Parents: George and Ann
Siblings: Harry Ellington, Arthur Leonard and Minnie
Circa 1879
Doris Evelyn Armour
Parents: Harry Ellington and Gabriella
Sister: Ruth Lucille
Husband: Balcom
Jan 18 1906
Jan 15 1989
George Armour
Wife: Ann
Children: Harry Ellington, Arthur Leonard, Daisy and Minnie
Circa 1850
Harry Ellington Armour
Parents: George and Ann
Siblings: Arthur Leonard, Daisy and Minnie
Wife: Gabriella
Daughters: Ruth Lucille and Doris Evelyn
Jan 10 1874
Minnie Armour
Parents: George and Ann
Siblings: Harry Ellington, Arthur Leonard and Daisy
Ruth Lucille Dunham (born Armour)
Parents: Harry Ellington and Gabriella
Sister: Doris Evelyn
Husband: Ralph Waldo Emerson
Sons: Stanley Armour and Ralph Emerson
Nov 25 1926
Eliza C. Payne (born Black)
Husband: Benjamin T.
Sons: Charles T. and Alexander Warren
Apr 3 1837
 Quincy, Adams County, Illinois
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