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(Countess of Butler) Elizabeth-(1420-1473) Talbot (born Butler)
Conklin Tree
Parents: James-(1392-1452) and Joan Elizabeth
Husband: John-(1413-1460)
Children: Isabell-(1444-1531) and John-(1448-1473)
 Kilkenny Castle, Ormond, Kerry, Ireland
Sep 8 1473
 Shrewsbury Abbey, Shropshire, England, UK
('the White Earl of Butler) (4th Earl of Ormond) James-(1392-1452) Butler
Conklin Tree
Wife: Joan Elizabeth
Daughter: Elizabeth-(1420-1473)
Circa 1392
 Kilkenny Castle, Kildare, Leinster, Ireland
Aug 22 1452
 Ardee, Louth, Leinster, Ireland
Elizabeth-(1792-1874) Shamel (born Fiedler)
Conklin Tree
Father: Peter-(1750-1828)
Sister: Maria-(1776-1854) Catharina
Husband: Abraham-(1790-1876)
Jan 12 1792
June 28 1874
 North Carolina, USA
(14X Great Grandmother) Joan-(1441-1488) le Scrope (born FitzHugh)
Direct Ancestors Of Merilyn Kay Smith (Heustis)
Husband: John-(1535-1498)
Son: Henry-(1468-1506)
 Ravensworth, Yorkshire, England, UK
 Bolton, West Riding of Yorkshire, England, UK
(19X Great Grandfather) George-(c1546-?) Holland
Direct Ancestors Of Merilyn Kay Smith (Heustis)
Wife: (FNU)-(c1551-?)
Daughter: Mary-(1581-1615)
* (9X Great Grandmother) Mary-(1581-1615) Pell (born Holland)
Direct Ancestors Of Merilyn Kay Smith (Heustis)
Parents: George-(c1546-?) and (FNU)-(c1551-?)
Husband: John-(1553-1616)
Son: John-(1611-1685)
Circa 1581
 Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent, UK
Feb 14 1615
 Southwick, West Sussex, England, UK
Mehitable-(1664-1734) or Mehetabel Herrick (born Howell)
Conklin Tree
Parents: John-(1648-1692) and Martha-(1648-1688)
Siblings: John-(1676-1747), Phebe-(1678-?), Susannah-(1680-?), Stephen-(1683-1770), Henry-(1685-1754), Elizabeth-(1687-?) and Sybil-(1691-1782)
Husband: William-(1654-1708)
Daughters: Abigail-(1682-1782) and Irene-(1686-1741)
Mar 12 1664
 Suffolk, Long Island, New York, USA
July 17 1734
 Long Island, Nassau, New York, USA
Elizabeth-(1669-1742) Tredder Burr, Sr (born Hudson)
Conklin Tree
Parents: Robert-(1643-1697) and Mary-(c1648-1698)
Husband: Henry-(1664-1743)
Children: John-(1691-1731), Joseph-(1694-1767), Elizabeth-(1696-1773), Mary-(1698-1771), Sarah-(1701-1756), Rebecca-(1703-?), Martha-(1705-1765), William-(1710-1711) and Henry-(1713-1786)
Feb 28 1669
 City of London, England, United Kingdom
Oct 1742
 Burlington, Burlington County, New Jersey, USA
Deborah-(1628-1692) Reynolds (born Potter)
Conklin Tree
Husband: James-(1627-1700)
Daughter: Deborah-(1658-1710)
 England, UK
Oct 15 1692
 North Kingstown, Washington County, Rhode Island, USA
Mary-(1842-1919) Ann Oldfather (born Pulse)
Conklin Tree
Father: Jacob-(1816-?)
Brothers: Joseph-(1864-?) and Charles-(1867-?)
Husband: Elijah-(1837-?)
Children: Lucy-(1863-1927) Ellen, Eliza-(1864-1932) Jane, Emma-(1867-1954) Julia, Bessie-(1870-1940) Vernon, David-(1875-1964) A and Charlotte-(1880-1953)
 Farmersville, Montgomery County, Ohio, 45325, USA
Feb 11 1919
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