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Eleanor Ann Bailey_
Parents: Charles and Frances Jane
Siblings: Jane, Alfred, Charles, Esther Jane, William Earl, Henry Ernest and Herbert
Husband: Newman Prosper
Children: Eva Doreen, Eric Lyall and Rose
Oct 21 1888
June 19 1968
Jean Doris Bailey
Parents: Francis Edmund and Hilda Ann
Siblings: Verna Mary and Adrian Warren
Husband: Alfred Stanley
Children: <Private>, <Private>, <Private>, <Private> and <Private>
June 18 1926
Circa 2010
Laurel Margaret Bailey_
Parents: Oscar Archer and Ivy May
Brother: Kevin Archer
Husband: William Arthur
July 12 1926
Circa 2006
Ruth Emmaline Bailey_
Parents: David and Ann Elizabeth
Siblings: David Hilton, Jane Gertrude, Reuben Herbert, Hilda Ivy, George Malcolm, Dinah, Rubina Grace, Mervyn, Stella, Henry, Joyce Marcella, Aynsley and Geoffrey
Husband: Cecil Eric
Daughter: Verlie Grace
Mar 31 1908
July 19 1998
Louisa Miriam Blanch
Parents: Alfred John and Selina
Siblings: Walter Sydney, Alfred Henry William, Bertha Imogene Evangeline, Emmeline Ada, Amy Selina, Josephine Amelia, Georgeanna Matilda, Annetta Cecelia, Mark Leonard and Clarence Stephen
Husband: Albert Edward
Children: Alma Irene, Albert Neil, Irene Valerie, Violet Cecilia, Robert Eric and Olive Margaret
Jan 3 1879
Oct 18 1967
Alma Adelaide Bramble_
Parents: James Solomon and Alice Anne
Siblings: Elizabeth Ellen, Alice Louise Ann, James Samuel, Stanley Victor, Olive Amanda, Clarence Hector, Harriet Rose, Percy Myall, Doris Grace, Raymond Rennie and Glen Horace Stafford
Husband: Herbert Edward William
Children: Keith Clarence, Stanley William, Roy and Marjorie
Circa 1890
Jan 25 1934
Lena M Evans
Parents: William Henry and Annie
Husband: Stanley George
Children: Thelma Elsie Grace, Clifford Stanley, Roy Ernest and Eileen Ruth
Circa 1899
Circa 1980
Elizabeth Cathryn Franks_
Parents: Sydney Charles and Catherine Margaret
Siblings: John Sydney, William Thomas, Bridget Mary, Henry Charles, Joseph Michael Stephen, Sarah Jane, Annie Josephine and Sarah Jane
Husband: Frederick James
Sons: Ronald George and Harold
Jan 7 1871
Circa 1899
Susannah Maria Green
Husband: Samuel
Children: John George, Samuel Pearce, Thomas Benjamin, Sarah Priscilla, Augustus, Alfred Matthew, Stanley Roger, Ethel Violet May and Gladys Edith Hannah
Mar 29 1859
Aug 8 1923
Letitia Waldron Johnston
Parents: Edward and Henrietta Caroline
Siblings: Henrietta, John, Harold Crawford, Eveline, Mary Caroline, Edith C, Adeline, Lillian Beatrice, Mabel Violet, Ethel Sophia Margaret, Daisy Sarah Elizabeth, Ivy Louisa, Irene Myrtle and Di
Husband: William Robert
Sons: Cecil, Ronald and Harold Cuthbert
Circa 1871
Circa 1950
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