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John Ellsworth Seaver
Parents: Samuel and Sarah
Siblings: Phoebe, George W. and Amanda W.
Wife: Mary Kate
Children: John Elsworth, Mabel K. and Raymond H.
Feb 1861
John Elsworth Seaver
Parents: John Ellsworth and Mary Kate
Siblings: Mabel K. and Raymond H.
Dec 1884
John F. Seaver
Parents: James and Elizabeth
Siblings: William, James, Sarah S., Margaret, Elizabeth L., Jane and Daniel W.
Jan 1825
John F. Seaver
Parents: Christopher Hammond and Mary C.
Siblings: William James, Henry Morton, Christopher Hammond, Henry Morton, John Albert, Alice Louisa and Albert John
Mar 23 1873
John F. Seaver
Parents: Thomas and Nancy
Siblings: Thomas S., Elizabeth, George M. and Ebenezer
Wife: Adeline
Children: William E., Stephen T., Mary Elizabeth and George William
Dec 13 1814
June 13 1863
John Fletcher Luman Seaver
Parents: Pearley and Julia Maria
Siblings: Julia Maria, William Titus, Charles Edson, Ann Eliza and Elizabeth Field
Wife: Emily Maria
Children: female, Kate Isabel and John Warren
Before 1880
John Francis Seaver
Parents: Joshua and Mary Estelle
Brother: Joshua W.
Mar 28 1900
Jan 26 1979
John Gilman Seaver
Parents: John and Susanna
Siblings: Moses H., Hiram B., Eliza, Pearley, Abigail, Alvin B., George, Dexter and Albert
Partners: Clarissa, Adaline and Amy
Children: Alpheus, Robert A., Alanson, Eliza, Mary A., Susannah M., William, Charles M. and Tryphena Amy
Mar 20 1805
July 2 1858
John Gilman Seaver
Parents: Frederick Arthur and Elsie Sargent Forbush
Wife: Edith
Child: <Private>
Feb 24 1896
<Private> Seaver
Parents: John Gilman and Edith
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