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Martha Pillars (born (Hughes))
Akard Family Tree
Husband: James Francis
Children: John B., Elizabeth, Sarah and Richard
 Randolph Co., Illinois
Frances Vaughan (born (Whitehead))
Akard Family Tree
Husband: Daniel Tarleton
Daughters: Frances, Margaret Nelson, Sarah Whitehead and Mariam C.
July 11 1775
 Culpeper Co., Virginia
Circa Mar 1846
 McKenneysburg, Pendleton Co., Kentucky
Mary Levering (born Able)
Akard Family Tree
Husband: Jacob
Son: Abel
Gerald Leon Abram
Akard Family Tree
Wife: Mary
Mar 1 1911
Mar 19 1992
Linda Baldwin (born Abrams)
Akard Family Tree
Husband: Henry Clay
Aug 1880
May 16 1950
Unknown Brittain (born Achea)
Akard Family Tree
Husband: Asa
Son: James
Harry Adams
Akard Family Tree
Wife: Catherine Elizabeth
Margaret Ann Burchett (born Adams)
Akard Family Tree
Husband: Burwell
Sons: Edward Conley, William S and Joseph H
Aug 30 1888
 White Shoals, Lee, VA
Michael Roy Adams
Akard Family Tree
Ex-partner: <Private>
May 12 1962
Aaron Dawson Adkins
Akard Family Tree
Parents: James Willis and Elizabeth Jane
Siblings: Jerusha Elizabeth, Almeda, Randolph Dietz, Rhoda A., Edna, John Rueben, Ambrose, Jerusha Elizabeth, Alpheus, Charles 'Moss', Justina 'Tiny', James Walker, Lillie May Lilla, Doss and Virginia B.
July 1 1862
 Cabell Co., West Virginia
Jan 13 1929
 Hager, Lincoln County, WV
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