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Zeus Luppiter / Jupiter Jupiter /
Bilek Family Tree
Father: Cronos - Κρόνος - Saturnus Titan
Wife: Electra One of the Pleiades
Son: Dardanus King of Arcadia
1428-1368 BC
Daniel H. . Reitz
Bilek Family Tree
Wife: Hariett
William 1st Lord de Ros of Helmsley, Joint Lord and Warden of Scotland
Bilek Family Tree
Wife: Maud Matilda de Vaux Maud de Vaux Baroness Helmsley Matilde
Children: William Lord de Roos of Hamelake and Belvoir’ and Agnes
June 27 1255
 Helmsley, Yorkshire, England, (Present UK)
Between May 12 1316 and Aug 16 1316
 Youlton, Yorkshire, England, (Present UK)
Alexander Aberdein
Bilek Family Tree
Wife: Margaret
Children: Barbara, James and John
Barbara Henderson (born Aberdein)
Bilek Family Tree
Parents: Alexander and Margaret
Siblings: Alexander, John, Thomas, James, George, James, Mary, Ann and John
Circa 1814
 St Nicholas, Aberdeen
June 6 1908
 St Machar, Aberdeen *
<Private> Accoglio
Bilek Family Tree
Partner: <Private>
Elizabeth Pavey (born Acman)
Bilek Family Tree
Husband: Issac
Daughters: Mary Jackson and Margaret
Aug 12 1770
Aug 12 1849
 Highland County, Ohio, USA
Abigail Hoffer (born Adams)
Bilek Family Tree
Husband: Melchoir
Children: Samuel A., William Wilbert, Elmira, John, Henry Madison, George Burton, Sarah Elizabeth, Melissa and Melinda
David Adams
Bilek Family Tree
Parents: Nathaniel and Mary
Siblings: Samuel, Martha, John, Robert, Mary and Nathaniel
Aug 20 1776
Frances Pavey (born Adams)
Bilek Family Tree
Husband: Issac
 Sussex County, Delaware, USA
Jan 8 1796
 Harrison County, Kentucky, USA
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