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King Clovis I "the Great"
Riley Family Master1_2011-04-10
Parents: Childeric I and Basine II, Queen of the FRANKS, Von
Siblings: Andelfida, Andelfleda Merovingia, Clovis I, Unknown, Chilperic King, Baderic and Gundobad I
Wife: St Clothilda
Children: clotaire I of, Childebert, <Private> and <Private>
Nov 27 511
Lludd Llaw Ereint "The Silver-Haired" AP BELI King of Britain
Riley Family Master1_2011-04-10
Parents: Beli Mawr of The Druids of The Celtic and Don Anna
Siblings: Unknown, <Private>, <Private>, <Private>, Penardim Penardun Verch Belli the, <Private>, <Private>, Unknown, Casswallan ap Beli of and <Private>
80 BC
18 BC
William (Count of Burgundy)
Riley Family Master1_2011-04-10
Parents: Robert I the Magnificent of and Harlette
Siblings: William l, William I The Conqueror Thomas Duke, Gherbod the Fleming, Godiva, Adeliza Countess deAumâle, Ranulph, Robert deBurgo deMortaigne, Odo Eudes DeBayeux and Richard Fitz Gilbert
Wife: Stephanie de
Daughter: Gisela Gille Countess of Maurienne
11 1087
Geoffroy V ANJOU (d')
Riley Family Master1_2011-04-10
Parents: Fulques V "The Younger" De and Ermengarde
Siblings: Sibylle Of, Mathilde d, Helias II Comte deMaine d and Matilda
Partners: Ade`le, Adelaide 'Matilda' 'The Empress' "Princess of England" "Consort of the and Matilda Adelaide of
Children: Christina, Bertha, Hamelin Anjou Plantagenet, Agnes, Hameline (Earl of Surrey) Count of Anjou, Adewis, Marie, Henry II Curtmantel Plantagenet, Henry II, Mary, William, Geoffrey VI Mantell, Emme DAnjou North Wales, Guillaume, William Poitou, Emma, Geoffrey Of, Isabella and <Private>
Aug 24 1113
Sep 7 1151
James I Stuart (James VI Scotland)
Riley Family Master1_2011-04-10
Parents: Henry Stuart Lord and Mary Stuart Queen of
Siblings: John, Henry, miscarried twins, Twin Hepburn, <Private> and Charles
Wife: Anne of
Children: Henry, Hendrik Frederik, Elizabeth, Margaret Tudor of, Mary Anne of, Charles I of, Son Of, Mary, Sophia and Princess
June 19 1566
Mar 27 1625
Trinobantes (Notes) (L)
Riley Family Master1_2011-04-10
Father: King Manogan Ap
Siblings: <Private>, Meric, Bran, Penardim, Anna The and Beli Mawr of The Druids of The Celtic
Maria Catherina Paltz (Paals) (Schmit)
Riley Family Master1_2011-04-10
Parents: Nicolaus Paltz and Maria
Siblings: Martinus, Nicolas and <Private>
Partners: Valentin and Petrus
Children: Elisabeth, Dominique, Susanne Antone Antoin and Anne Elisabeth
Mar 15 1731
Aug 9 1797
Nicolaus Paltz (Paals)
Riley Family Master1_2011-04-10
Wife: Maria
Children: Martinus, Maria Catherina Paltz, Nicolas and <Private>
Aug 29 1774
Margaretha (SÜß) (SÜß)
Riley Family Master1_2011-04-10
Husband: Hannß Michel
Daughter: Anna Eva
Nov 7 1690
Riley Family Master1_2011-04-10
Parents: Evan and Sariah ---
Siblings: William, David, John, Mary A, Catherine, Aaron and John
Partners: John Joseph L. and Joseph
Children: Anne E., Alice, Joseph E., William H. and <Private>
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