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Other:Is it Spring yet?
Posted by: David Roskelley on Mar 26 2013 10:34
It has been an interesting winter in Montana. It seems to be breaking but it may just be my wishful thinking. Cool
I am including a note from Kammi as to what is going on in our family! Please feel free to share what is happening in yours!
Hope you have a blessed and memorable Easter!
Dave, Kammi, AubreElle and Nathan
Happy Easter Everyone!

Just wanted to let you know that we are all doing well, let you know what's happening up here.

Nathan got his braces about a week after Breckin did and has adjusted to them pretty well. So both kids are now metal mouths. Nathan is doing well in his schooling and is working part time inputting data on Dave's Websitemontanalivingdirect.com.
Bree sang "Gethsemane" in church yesterday, it was beautiful. If we come down, maybe she can sing it for you.

Bree is still working on the final revision of her book "Fallen Hope". We had a real, professional editor read it and she gave Bree some suggestions on some revisions to do before publishing. She said that she felt that Bree has a lot of talent as a storyteller and that the manuscript was strong and well written. She gave Bree a lot of encouragement in getting it published.

We have cover art and Bree is working on building a following on social media (thank you - to those of you who are following her and helping her build a fan base). The best place to follow her right now is "Aubre-Elle Roske" on Facebook, but she also has a presence as "AubreElle Roske"on Twitter and Pinterest (Facebook's program wouldn't let her put a capital in the middle of her name without a hyphen). She also has a web address, but the site is still under construction. We will let you know when that is ready.

We will also let you know when Bree launches her "Kick-Starter" campaign. If you aren't familiar with this term just look up kickstarter.com on the internet and you will see a whole new world for funding all kinds of projects. We hope to have the book published sometime this Spring or Summer. We will let you know when we have a firm date on that.
We are having "typical" Montana Spring weather - which means that you don't know what is going to happen from one day to the next. Warm/Cold, Windy (almost always), Rain/snow/sunshine ... who knows! What is the weather like down there?

We are all healthy (knock on wood), how are you?

Hope to see you soon!!!

Love you all bunches!

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Other:Hello, It's winter! / Photo Call
Posted by: David Roskelley on Jan 13 2013 07:57

Yes, It is a little cold outside! Well it is a new year and as much as I love Montana, I don’t look forward to these extra cold snaps that come during otherwise incredibly beautiful winters a the earth sleep as and prepares for renewal of spring. We have quite a bit of snow at the moment and some bitterly cold air. The high yesterday didn’t quite reach 0 degrees and the low? Well I didn’t watch after -15.

But on the bright side, when it is this cold there is nothing better than to snuggle in and work on ancestry! On that note, as it is the New Year, I am sending out a request for new photos. Updated family photos, photos in your collection, that of ancestors and family that are not on the site, photos of historical significance to the family, be it person, place or thing. Please include a short caption identifying people and other points of interest to each picture.

Please email to daveroskelley@gmail.com

Thanks for all each of you do for our family! Stay warm, stay safe and let us know your plans for 2013!

Love you,


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Local news:Fall In Montana
Posted by: on Oct 3 2012 08:59

Hi to all of our family and friends!

This morning I awoke to the first Snow this fall, afet a very dry smoky summer. the beauty and freshness of the white blanket and clean air made me pause.

It has been a very interesting summer, contentious on the political front, worrisome from the perspective of forest fires here in the mountians of Montana, and surrounding states, a time of adjustment as Bree our oldest child left our home for a few months to get an idea of like without mom, Dad and little brother. I am not sure who had the biggest adjustment. It was enjoyable as we were able to take a couple of family vacations together, I'm not sure how many of those we have left.

But here it is, fall in Montana, a beautiful crisp white morning. A reminder that we are not in control, that there are greater forces, a constant renewal that goes on about us. I hope that as we all prepare for the oncoming winter, that we will find time to remember, search out, and make...

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This Web site:Introduction and tips on using Our Families site
Posted by: David Roskelley on Dec 20 2006 01:31

Hi! Welcome to Our Families site. Feel free to explore and make it your own. We created the site to help our family and friends feel a little closer even though, in many cases, we are large distances apart. We hope you will find this a useful way to let others know what is happening in your part of the family, share events, announcements, pictures, stories, recipes or what ever you want. We would love to see your hobbies, adventures and yes even you!

A little about the site, the web address is www.Ourfamilies.myheritage.com feel free to share it! The site is password protected but is open to guests to see your photos, post messages, and share information. Memberships are there so that if in the future we find that we need to restrict access do to problems with SPAM etc., we can. We will extend memberships to all family and to friends upon request as long as we can verify a relative invited them.

When you signed up you were given the opportunity to share information, you can manage that info. in your profile. If your name has been changed, you have been married or there is a variation to the spelling of your name, you may encounter a problem in the relationship calculator. It is because you need to associate yourself or current name to your maiden or name spelling in the Family Tree so the system will recognize you as you appear in our geneological file. To do this, click on members in the community folder on the main menu to the left. Click on yourself, when you see your profie there will be a box to the right that says associate with the family tree, click that link, click select manually, find yourself in the tree and click associate. Now the relationship calcuator will recognize you!

You will notice that from the main menu to the left you can travel to most areas of the site. Feel free to explore, post on the message boards, add topics, photos, and genealogy attachments or just about anything you can add them as an attachment to a post on one of the message boards and we can incorporate them into the family tree. Modifications to the tree are retricted to me but if you have corrections, addtions, information or items you would like added please send them to me or post them on the genealogy message board and we will incorporate them!

The site is here for all of us. Explore and have fun. You can’t break it, well if you do we can fix it so don’t worry. The calendar and upcoming events are based on information from our genealogical file that has been uploaded to the site and can be found in The Family Tree. Now if you see something that is wrong or missing on the calendar, you will know why. Please let us know any updates or corrections and we will fix it and fix our records at the same time!

If you see something or someone you don’t recognize you may want to click on the link to learn more, it may be a distant relative through marriage or an ancestor you want to learn more about. In any case it’s all in the family and a great way for us to learn more about one another.

Please feel free to add pictures, histories, stories or notes you have collected on any of our relatives past or present on the message boards in the genealogy section as well. It is easy and will help us all know our families’ legacy better. Our family is pretty interesting already with outlaws, pioneers, English and Scottish Royalty, and that lady who rode through the streets naked because she was mad at her husband (Lady Godiva), yes she’s a relative! The more I learn, the more I am beginning to understand some of your behaviors. We even have a couple of lines that by tying into the English royal line are traceable back to Noah and then using the bible, go all the way back to Adam. Wow, I knew we had a big family but that’s a little staggering! You are also welcome to add additional trees via sending an ged com file to us. If there is a common ancestor please let us know and we will integrate it with our primary genealogy tree. We are all family some where along the line. Finding that link is sometimes challenging, we would love your help!

This is a great place to store all of your valuable genealogical data, as there is redundant backup that guarantees it will never be lost. That is better than my home computer! If you would rather, you can create a small site (150 names or less) on www.myheritage.com for free and add a link to it here under links on the main menu.

The site is registered for the next four years and is setup for unlimited members and visitors, we have an immense amount of storage so feel free to upload to your hearts content. If by chance we do run out of space we can fix that as well. If you need help of any type or have paper information that you would like converted to digital, let us know and we can help there as well.

We hope you enjoy and help make this site useful for all of Our Families! Merry Christmas and best wishes in the coming year!

We love and miss you tons!

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